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Rider Numbers
 7  21/05/2023: 28
 6  29/08/2021: 30
 5  03/05/2010: 41
 4  04/05/2009: 24
 3  29/01/2006: 40
 2  30/01/2005: 50
 1  25/01/2004: 26

Cheshire is a great county for cycling, as is North Staffordshire. They have gentle rolling hills, lots of quiet lanes, and some photogenic villages such as Great Budworth and Maer.

We have a new HQ for this ride, Le Petit Bijou Cafe in Cheadle, with plenty of parking available nearby (free on a Sunday last time we checked). You can count on a decent brew at the start and a delicious snack when you finish!
Cycling through the picturesque
        <br>village of Great Budworth
Cycling through the picturesque
village of Great Budworth

We start off in Style as we pass the prison on the way to Mobberley, Knutsford and Great Budworth, seeing the best of the Cheshire countryside. There is a short climb after crossing the river Weaver at Acton Bridge, but you will be rewarded with some extensive views over to Merseyside before the drop to the control at Helsby.

We turn south from Helsby, following the Mid Cheshire Ridge through Kelsall and Beeston, so it's gently undulating but it shouldn't be too challenging, even if you are riding fixed. There's a nice little cafe outside Beeston Castle if you are ready for a coffee.

We enter Staffordshire after Audlem (with another excellent cafe!), passing through Norton-in-Hales and Loggerheads to reach Eccleshall.

The return journey goes through the pretty village of Maer where Charles Darwin married Emma Wedgewood (of pottery fame).They had 10 children, so he was able to study evolution from close quarters.

There is a final control at Middlewich where there is a Starbucks if you need another coffee.