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A completed eBrevet
A completed eBrevet
Using an eBrevet  at Mickle Trafford control
Using an eBrevet at Mickle Trafford control
If you have a smart phone (Android or iOS), you can ride Wigley Perms with an eBrevet. This saves you all the trouble of collecting receipts from shops, cafes, or petrol stations. It may ease your anxieties about your Garmin batteries giving out.

You don't even need to keep your phone on during the ride if you are worried about battery life;
E-Brevet Instructions
your phone only needs to be on (with location services turned on) at each control. You only need mobile data or access to WiFi when you download the eBrevet before the ride and to upload your completed eBrevet after the ride.

There is also the facility to customise your Perm ride. You can often reverse the direction of the ride, start at a different control, or specify your own start place. Or indeed any combination of these. You cannot customise a Calendar Event.
Download the App
The e-Brevet : Before the Ride
Customising your eBrevet
Open eb.audax.uk on your phone.

Log in using the email address and password registered with Audax UK.

Click on My Account then
Get The App and follow the download instructions
Before the ride

Open the e-Brevet App on your phone

Click ... (menu) then Settings
        line 1: your e-mail address
        line 2: your Audax UK Password
        line 3: the Event No (1)

Then click OK .

Click ... (menu) then Download Brevet .
Log on at eb.audax.uk

Select Events then Permanent List

Add 'Wigley' as the Organiser name in the search box, click SEARCH, then select the Event ID that you want to customise.

At the bottom of the page, there is a customise this ride button; click it.

  • to select the first Original Route Control that you intend to reach, set First Control to that Control's number from the 'Original' list

  • to ride the Perm in the opposite direction, change Reverse Route to YES to modify the order of the Controls

  • to define your own start location, change Set Start Location to YES. Scroll down to the map and your exact start point by double clicking on the map. NB Your start should be somewhere along the route, as you won't be given extra time for any added kilometres!

  • the default distance from your custom start location to the First Control is 10km. You need to amend this distance in order to give yourself a realistic time to reach the First Control. (You can get this figure from the route sheet, or by using Google Maps). Once you have amended this figure in the Distance box, and pressed Save, the App will then calculate all the other control distances.

You can have any combination of the above (provided the Perm Organiser allows it for that ride)

Don't forget to click the Save Brevet button. Your ride will be saved with a Event No (1) in the format MW99-nnnnn-yyyymmdd

For a list of your saved customised rides go to eb.audax.uk and click on My Account/My Custom Routes .
1: Event No:
For Calendar e-Brevet , the Event No will look something like 23-66 where 23 is the season number, and 66 is the event number.

For Perm e-Brevet , the Event No will have a format of AA99 , such as MW25 for the Elementary 50.

You can obtain this Event No from the event website page, or ask the event Organiser.

For a customised e-Brevet , the Event No will have a format of MW99-nnnnn-yyyymmdd where
- 'nnnnn' is your Membership number and
- 'yyyymmdd' is the date you created this customised version.

2: At the control:
It can sometimes take a few seconds for your phone to 'catch up' with your location, so if the phone says you are not yet at the control, just cancel and try again. If it still says you're not at the control after a couple of tries, that's the time check that you are in the right place! The App will tell you how far you are away, and in which direction it lies. Try again when you're in the right place.

If you've missed the control you can SKIP it and try to convince the Organiser that your ride should still be validated.
The e-Brevet : During the Ride
e-Brevet Pending
e-Brevet Registered
e-Brevet Control out of time
e-Brevet Skipped
e-Brevet Finished out of time
Ensure you have completed your Entry Form, paid your Entry Fee, and informed the Organiser of your ride date by text or email.

At the start and when ready to go, press the first control (2) , then register .

Ride and repeat at each subsequent control (2) . Don't panic if you forget a control, or your phone battery lets you down, just get some alternative, more traditional, proof of passing the control, such as a shop till receipt.

Don't forget to register the final control!
The e-Brevet : After the Ride
Click ... (menu) then Upload ride .

There is no need to send your Brevet Card back to me unless you want the official Validation stamp on it. Other Organisers may require its return, so check. You still need to return your Brevet Cards for all BRM Calendar Events.

For a list of your successfully uploaded e-Brevets go to eb.audax.uk and click on My Account / My Completed Event