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Manchester CTC

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Looking for somewhere to ride?
TfGM Cycling Map
TfGM Trains & Trams
We have a number of rides (see right) introducing you to the cycling facilities within the Greater Manchester area. You are free to start and finish these wherever you wish, on a day of your own choosing, with your mates or on your own. You ride at your own risk of course but we follow public roads and cycle paths which are the responsibility of the local authority. We recommend that you have Cycling UK membership which gives you 3rd party insurance as well as their advice and support should you have a mishap.

Looking for someone to ride with? Join us on the 3rd Saturday of each month (see below)
There are plenty of Cycling Clubs in the area who regularly organise club runs, either on a regular weekly basis, or as occasional 'specials'. See lists on the right.
As a Cycling UK Member, you will be welcomed on most of these, knowing that you have 3rd party insurance. (If you want to ride with any of these groups, you should make contact to find out where and when they meet, and what expectations they will have on you.)

Manchester CTC Regular Rides : meeting every 3rd Saturday in the month.
An exploration of Greater Manchester cycling facilities.
Although a gravel bike might be ideal, we've ridden these on road bikes, and even folding bikes, without difficulties.
You can even bring your electric-assist bike but check that you have enough charge for the intending distance!

Start time:
Hazel Grove - Marple

RWG map

30 km (18 miles) one-way
54 km (33 miles) return
525 meters of climbing

Meet: /// blaze.wiped.pinks
Continuing our Station to Station tour of Greater Manchester.

Meet at Hazel Grove Station .The 9:51 from Piccadilly to Buxton gets to Hazel Grove at 10:15. If driving, there is a free car park at Torkington Park, entrance off Buxton Road just beyond and opposite the Rising Sun. Get there early for a coffee or breakfast at Grand Caffe on London Road.

Our ride uses the Middlewood Way to reach our cafe stop at Bollington. We then go through Lyme Park and onto the Peak Forest Canal to get to New Mills. We'll have to walk through the Torrs, located in the deep gorge underneath the town centre.

You can return by train from New Mills, Strines or Marple, or cycle back to Hazel Grove with us along the Goyt Valley and Woodbank Park where we might take a second cafe stop.

Start time:
Marple - Hadfield

RWG map

30 km (18 miles) one-way
49 km (30 miles) return
795 meters of climbing

Meet: /// lend.specifies.formless
Continuing our Station to Station tour of Greater Manchester.

Meet at Marple Rose Hill .( Please note that there are two stations in Marple. Make you sure you pick Rose Hill ! )

The 9:51 from Piccadilly gets to Marple Rose Hill Station at 10:23. If driving, there is a free car park alongside the Middlewood Way at the far end of Wood Lane.

Our ride uses the Peak Forest Canal and the TransPennine Way to ride through Romiley, and Gee Cross to Godley. The route to Broadbottom is off-road but should be fine for whatever bike you have. There is a bit of climbing as we circle Glossop on the National Park boundary, but if you want to avoid this we'll point you towards Glossop station.

You can return by train Hadfield or Glossop, or cycle back to Marple over Ludworth Moor.

Start time:
Dinting - Guide Bridge

RWG map

32 km (20 miles) one-way
48 km (30 miles) return
680 meters of climbing

Meet: /// beaks.caves.abundance
Continuing our Station to Station tour of Manchester.
The 10:03 train from Piccadilly arrives at Dinting at 10:29 for a 10:30 start.

Route provisional at this moment.

Start time:
Guide Bridge - Littleborough

RWG map

30 km (18 miles) one-way
54 km (33 miles) return
500 meters of climbing

Meet: /// lies.encounter.chats
Continuing our Station to Station tour of Manchester.
Plenty of trains from Piccadilly serve Guide Bridge station. If you arrive by car you can park outside Portland Basin Museum, about 5 minutes cycle ride away.

Route provisional at this moment.
to be continued ...
Manchester CTC Permanent Rides
Going for Gold: track down the commemorative post boxes in the Greater Manchester area following the 2023 London Olympic Games
Manchester Sightseer: a guided tour of some of Manchester's famous sites (and sights), as a 114km Audax ride or a series of stages that you can ride over an extended period.
mini-Manc Sightseer: a shorter version of the above, only 63km in total
Station to Station (inner ring): a series of rides between Metrolink stations
Station to Station (outer ring): as above, but these rides are between main line stations all within the Greater Manchester ticketing area (so free travel if you have your bus pass and have paid the tram supplement)
Werneth Low Rider: A 60km Audax ride climbing all seven ascents of Werneth Low, but you can also undertake this as a non-Audax ride, picking and choosing as many (or few) of the climbs as you wish
Other Local Groups from Cycling UK
Peak Audax Mostly formal Audax events that need to be pre-entered. They can be from 50km to 600km, so do make sure what you are committed to before you start!
Bury CTC Meet on Sundays outside former Wilko's Store on the Rock.
Rochdale CTC Club rides start from Rochdale Leisure Centre, Beginners and Medium rides departing at 9:30 on Saturdays. On Sundays, club rides set off at 8:30 (short/medium/Long). The Sunday Chaingang leaves at 9:00. The Vets group has a ride on Thursdays.
Oldham & Tameside CTC A small group of enthiasastic cyclists who meet every Sunday, whatever the weather. We meet at Deep Cutting Stalybridge, or Apethorn Lane Hyde.
South Manchester CTC There are 2 rides on Sundays, meeting 9:00 for 9:15 departure. Rides start from Cheadle, Hazel Grove or Whalley Bridge (see runs list for details).
West Manchester CTC Club runs from Jolly Thresher, Agden at 11am Sundays
Other Local Groups
Abbotsford Park Road CC
Bolton Clarion CC
Bolton Hot Wheels CC
Bolton Tri
Bury Clarion CC
Bury Cycle Speedway
Cheshire RC
Chorlton Velo
Chorlton Wanderers
Dukinfield CC
East Lancs Road
Lancashire Road
Manchester & District Ladies Cycling Association
Manchester BMX
Manchester Social Cycling
Manchester Triathlon
Manchester Wheelers
Mossley Cycle Racing Team
Rochdale CC
Rochdale Tri
Rough Stuff Fellowship
Royston Vasey CC
Saddleworth Clarion CC
Salford CC
Salford Junior Tri
Seamons CC
SK6 Spinners (Marple) CC
Sportcity Velo Youth Cycling Development
Stockport Cycle Speedway
Stockport Clarion
Stretford Wheelers CC
TeamGlow Womens' Cycling
Transpennine CC
West Pennine RC
Westmead Team 88
Wigan Wheelers & Triathlon
Withington Wheelers CC