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A Pair of Kirtons (600 km)
Saturday 22/08/2020  Event Cancelled! 

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  Kirtons 600            
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A victim of the Corona Virus, the Kirtons 600 has been cancelled for 2020. Watch this space for news of whether we can put this on in 2021.

PPPPull yourself together, it's time to ride the Pair of Kirtons 600! Ride through both Kirton in Lindsey and Kirton near Boston for a Peak Audax Super Randonneur qualification.

We start from Poynton (near Stockport), where we have a Church Hall available from the Friday evening, and we'll have some airbeds so you can be fresh and ready for a 6am start.

There is an early climb of the Pennines at Saddleworth, but it's then flat all the way across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, via the Humber Bridge. There are a few irritating lumps after Uttoxeter, but these are soon dealt with for an easy finish via Wem and Prees Heath.
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We have luxury accommodation (by Audax standards) awaiting you at Corby Glen, at about 350km. We anticipate riders arriving around midnight (give or take a couple of hours) and we'll have hot food and drinks for you. More importantly, we'll have the LEL airbeds , so you should be able to grab a few hours of shut-eye. Bring an eye-mask and ear-plugs! You will need to leave before 6am in order to reach the next control before it closes.
Boston Stump, a prominent landmark in the Fens
Boston Stump, a prominent landmark in the Fens

A tweak to the traditional route mens that we now miss the busy roads at Donington. Instead we find a 24 hour petrol station at Hathern and a Burger King/Starbucks/Subsway at Uttoxeter.

Return to the start through Wem and Prees Heath.

There is no drop-bag facility, nor anywhere to leave stuff at the start/finish, so you need to carry everything with you.
The Humber Bridge, a Lincolnshire landmark
The Humber Bridge, a Lincolnshire landmark
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