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Rider Numbers
22 10/06/2023: 51
21 02/07/2022: 43
20 08/06/2019: 38
19 11/08/2018: 26
18 03/06/2017: 59
17 28/05/2016: 38
16 06/06/2015: 83
15 19/07/2014: 15
14 29/06/2013: 63
13 14/07/2012: 10
12 15/06/2011: 11
11 04/06/2011: 36
10 05/06/2010: 13
9 06/06/2009: 15
8 28/06/2008: 20
7 09/06/2007: 51
6 05/08/2006: 20
5 25/06/2005: 09
4 28/08/2004: 19
3 31/05/2003: 36
2 20/07/2002: 14
1 07/07/2001: 17
Peak Audax 600s
= Kirtons 600 / Holland 600
= Severn 600
= Cambrian 600

Pull yourself together and complete your Peak Audax Super Randonee by riding 'A Pair of Kirtons'. It is a 600 with everything; a climb over the Pennines, a crossing of one of the world's 11th longest bridge, and some fabulously flat cycling in Lincolnshire.

We start from Poynton (near Stockport), where we have a Church Hall available from the Friday evening, and we'll have some airbeds so you can be fresh and ready for the 6am start.

Saddleworth Moor is the literal high-point at 493m with a long descent to Holmfirth, so the major climbing is over with before the first 60kms. Be warned; there's nowhere to hide on the dead straight roads of Holland in Lincolnshire, so if it's windy you will have your work cut out.
The Humber Bridge, a Lincolnshire landmark
The Humber Bridge, a Lincolnshire landmark

You are aiming for Boston, via Kirton in Lindsey and a fantastic ride alongside the River Witham. There is a McDonalds in Boston which should be open through the night. However, it may be operating as drive-thru only after 11pm, and therefore unavailable to cyclists, so it is a good idea to carry emergency rations to sustain your progress thbrough the night.

We have a village hall control at Corby Glen, at about 350km. There will be hot food and drinks, as well as the LEL airbeds, so you should be able to grab a few hours of shut-eye. Bring an eye-mask and ear-plugs!
Boston Stump, a prominent landmark in the Fens
Boston Stump, a prominent landmark in the Fens

You will need to leave Corby Glen before 6am in order to reach the next control at Donington within time. The approach roads to these motorway services are busy during the day but, you should reach them without difficulty in the small hours using the dedicated cycle approach.

Save something in the tank for the stretch after Uttoxeter control. There are three steady climbs that you would hardly notice on a shorter ride, but they can play with your mind with 250 miles in your legs. They are infuriating, as climb is followed by a descent, meaning that your height gained is lost and you start again.

After Stone, the going is much easier with no more surprises on the fairly flat roads through Wem and Audlem.