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Rider Numbers
20 11/11/2024: 47
19 12/11/2023: 47
18 13/11/2022: 56
17 07/11/2021: 51
16 11/11/2019: 71
15 11/11/2018: 91
14 12/11/2017: 90
13 06/11/2016: 88
12 08/11/2015: 52
11 09/11/2014: 63
10 10/11/2013: 55
 9  11/11/2012: 67
 8  13/11/2011: 60
 7  14/11/2010: 43
 6  08/11/2009: 66
 5  09/11/2008: 54
 4  04/11/2007: 65
 3  12/11/2006: 60
 2  13/11/2005: 54
 1  07/05/2000: 17
The bridge at Saltney Ferry
The bridge at Saltney Ferry

Our traditional season opening ride from Peak Audax. The Eureka Café has unfortunately now closed but instead we call at another cyclists' café at Nets on the Wirral. Perhaps we should call this ride the NEWreka 200.

The route now avoids the busy roads around the Airport. Instead we ride through Newall Green and Hale Barns to get to Ashley. From there we're back on the traditional route through Appleton and Preston Brook, Frodsham and Helsby to reach Mickle Trafford.

After Capenhurst we head north up the Wirral as far as Heswall. The path goes through Oaks Farm before Willaston so make sure you don't slip on something 'agricultural' and don't follow someone's back wheel too closely! The route then reaches the Dee Estuary after Neston with spectacular views across to Wales. Our major cafe stop is at Nets Cafe, just after Neston.

The next few kilometres are completely traffic free as we use the Burton Marsh Greenway. Then it's alongside the River Dee, dead-straight with no shelter for about 7km. A head-wind here would be bad news as you aim for the footbridge at Saltney Ferry, impossible to see at first but it is there somewhere. From here we're back on the traditional route to Rossett, Cross Lanes and Bangor-on-Dee.

Back in England, we take a direct return route back to Cheadle, over a small climb to Bickerton, and through Winsford and Middlewich.
Eureka Cafe, looking after cyclists for 80 years
Eureka Cafe, looking after cyclists for 80 years

You need to get your Brevet Card stamped at Nets Café. Other cafe´s which you might find handy, include those at Dunham on the Hill (45km), Rossett (107km), Bunbury (159km) and Middlewich (182km).