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108km cycling event starting from Caton, nr Lancaster. Controls at Clapham, Settle and Caton., plus 1 information control.

A shorter version of the Bowland Double Cross 200 - this one with just one route crossing!

From Caton ride over the Trough of Bowland to Whitewell then climb Cow Ark, thru Gisburn Forest onto Clapham and then Settle. Back to Caton from there, crossing your route at Keasden. Apart from Settle the route is along quiet roads with limited opportunity for refreshments and there is some climbing. There is a relaxed minimum speed of just 12kph though.

The start is from a free car park with a cafe near Caton and the entry price includes a distinctive sew on cloth event badge (toilets are not free though so bring change!). Controls are either via eBrevet or commercial/info and there will be a postal/upoad finish.

Whether you are local or coming some distance, what about making it a summer weekend of northern Audax fun? The day before this event there are four excellent events, from 50km up to 200km, from Stanford Bridge near York run by another organiser. Maybe something to consider?

Anyway, Caton is just 8km from Lancaster which is situated on the West Coast Mainline and adjacent to the M6 motorway. There are a number of budget hotels in the area. This is the provisional RWGPS https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45896381 but it may change a tad before the event.