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Rider Numbers
14 27/11/2022: 5
13 11/11/2019: 40
12 11/11/2018: 34
11 12/11/2017: 39
10 06/11/2016: 66
9 08/11/2015: 46
8 09/11/2014: 60
7 10/11/2013: 70
6 11/11/2012: 61
5 16/11/2011: 39
4 14/11/2010: 21
3 08/11/2009: 36
2 09/11/2008: 68
1 04/11/2007: 28
Please note there are a couple of significant changes from previous editions. Our new ride HQ is the Bijou Cafe on Massie Street in Cheadle, next to the large pay-and-display carpark.
The route also heads out through Wythenshawe because of morning road closures in Wilmslow. If you find yourself in Styal you are going the wrong way! Please make sure you use version2 of the route sheet and GPX file.

The route starts with a ride through Tatton Park, which is glorious at this time of year. This year, we ride through in the opposite direction, with our first control at Knutsford exit. Watch out for the deer - this is a Safari, after all.

There is a great ride across Cheshire and right through the centre of Chester on the cycle-friendly Greenway, riding as far as Hawarden Bridge which is just in Wales. That's where we start to head back, with a couple of kilometeres dead straight alongside the river Dee to Queensferry. A short stretch of canal towpath to take us to Chester Zoo.

Pass quickly through the zoo, just in case they are doing a stock-take. Let's hope you don't have trouble here as it can be disconcerting to be fixing a puncture with the vultures looking over your shoulder.
Queensferry bridge on the river Dee cyclepath
Queensferry bridge on the river Dee cyclepath

Riding through Delamare Forest is always pleasant, particularly at this time of year, although the only wild-life encountered here on this part of our Safari is likely to be dog walkers and mountain bikers.

Be warned that the control café at Great Budworth Ice Cream Farm may be closed after 3pm. There is a cafe at Manley Mere (not a control), about 24km earlier on the route if you need a coffee. You will also be able to get something to eat (and that important receipt) from the Spar in Pickmere just 4km after Great Budworth.

There will be a warm welcome for you at the finish where Bob will have a hot brew and something delicious waiting for you.