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A 214km cycling event starting from Whalley. Controls at Hawes, Silverdale, Longridge and Whalley, plus 3 information controls. You can use E-Brevet proof of passage on this event.

This is a new companion event which runs alonside a challenging 300km event for the first 200km. Through Bowland, the Dales, Cumbria, hilly bits of Lancashire ... and with a trip to beach!

The 200km and 300km both start from the same place on a figure of eight route. WARNING you can only validate the route entered so if riding the 200km but deciding to complete the whole 300km on the day you will only get 2 points and 3.25 AAA. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ENTER THE CORRECT EVENT.

The first larger anticlockwise loop starts from Whalley and sees both events on a quiet dual carriageway into the Forest of Bowland for the first time to cross via Gisburn Forest and Bowland Knotts to Ingleton. A climb then, passing Ribblehead Viaduct to Hawes followed by the most northerly section thru Sedbergh for a refreshing stop at Silverdale at the coast. Once sated, back inland for the second crossing of the Forest of Bowland via Cross of Greet, Slaidburn, Cow Ark, Longridge to Whalley where the 200km event finishes. The 300km event continues on a smaller clockwise loop before returning to Whalley.

Get proof of passage at Whalley Co-op or the ATM and post Brevet back for validation. Controls are commercial or info and eBrevet is available too. Whalley is easy to get to and free parking is available within a mile of the start.