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Rider Numbers
16 15/10/2017: 54
15 16/10/2016: 47
14 11/10/2015: 27
13 12/10/2014: 28
12 13/10/2013: 22
11 14/10/2012: 30
10 16/10/2011: 38
9 17/10/2010: 33
8 25/10/2009: 38
7 26/10/2008: 32
6 14/10/2007: 33
5 15/10/2006: 42
4 16/10/2005: 40
3 04/04/2004: 27
2 13/10/2002: 7
1 16/06/2001: 17

We are pleased to bring an old favourite back to our Calendar. Rob Kilby started this in 2001 from Holmes Chapel, then passed it on to Denise Hurst from Congleton CC in 2010. It's now back with Peak Audax. Starting from near Rudyard Lake, we think we have an exceedingly good ride for you.
The spectacular Horseshoe Pass in autumn
The spectacular Horseshoe Pass in autumn

We've had to slightly amend the route, as certain roads are busier than back in 2001, and some of our favouruite cafes are now closed.We've still got the climb of the Horseshoe Pass (of course) with the Ponderosa Cafe at its summit. We still have that terrific decent from Bwlchgwyn. We've found some new cafes to help you along your way.

The ride starts from Horton (near Rudyard Reservoir and Leek, an unfortunate sounding combination), and heads out through Alsager and Audlem to Wem. The 'official' route takes the easier climb (a relative term) at the Horseshoe Pass, but you can opt to take the old road as a short cut. Be warned, it's steep and includes a cattle grid.