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Permanent Rides in the Peak Audax area

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Perms are Audax events that can be ridden just about any time to suit the individual rider, as opposed to Calendar Events which (by definition) can only be ridden as per the Organiser's scheduled date. Perms can be 'flat' or 'hilly' just look for the AAA points and the higher the points the more you'll be climbing.

Listed here are Perms available from the Peak Audax area. Click on one of the map pinpoints to see the Perms available from that location.

For a full list of events available nationally, and for DIY Perms, click here.

You must be a member of Audax UK or CTC in order to have your Perm validated. You can apply for temporary membership of Audax membership for the duration of your ride by the addition of 3.00 to the entry fee which gives you compulsory third party for the duration of the ride (UK residents only, overseas residents must take out separate insurance cover).

Better still, apply for full AUK Membership here.
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Full AUK Perms List

Super Randonnees (300km, 400km, 600km)

P300Plains 300
P300The Full Monty 300
P400LlanfairPG 400
P600A Pair of Kirtons 600
P600Only Three Steps to Severn
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Full AUK Perms List

Randonnees (200km)

P200A Mere 200
P200 Bowland 200
P200Chirk 200
P200 Dark/White Peak 200
P200Eccleshall 200
P200Eureka! 200
P200 Gollen 200
P200Goolish 200
P200Holt 200
P200Holyhead-Prestatyn-Holyhead 200
P200Llanfair 200
P200Newport 200
P200Oat Cuisine 200
P200 Pistyll Packing Mamma
P200Ruthin 200
P200Scarborough Fare 200
P200See Dee 200
P200Str Lucy's Brevet
P200The Cheshire Loops
P200 The Flashy Venetian
P200The Hollies
P200 Totsmonlow
P200 Tough Through the Trough 200
P200 Tour of the Berwyns 200
P200 Wigley 200
P200Wilmslow-St Asaph-Wilmslow 200
P200Wylde Fyre 200
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Full AUK Perms List

Populaires(50km, 100km, 150km)

P50An Elementary 50
P50 Elland Ride 50
P50 To the Torrs 50
P100 Bretton 100
P100 Cheshire Peak 100
P100 Dark Peak 100
P100 Goyt Peak 100
P100 Grindleford 110
P100 Hathersage-Elton-Roaches 100
P100 LymeStone 100
P100 Mid Peak 100
P100 Momma's Mountain View
P100 Monyash 100
P100Radway 100
P100 Staffs Peak 100
P100 Up n Down West Riding 100
P100 West Peak 100
P100Where's Whalley? 100
P100 White Peak 100
P100 Widdop 100
P150Audlem Century
P150 Slaidburn 170
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Full AUK Perms List

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