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Multiple Perm Entries

Perms from 01/08/2020Perms from 01/08/2020 CTC: the national cyclists' organistion AUK: the UK's premier long distance cyclists' association
page updated: 23:40 - 11/08/2020
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Elementary 50       
Elland 50           
Torrs 50            
LymeStone 100       
Radway 100          
Whalley 100         
Audlem 150          
Chirk 200           
Eccleshall 200      
Eureka 200          
Goolish 200         
Holt 200            
Llanfair 200        
Mere 200            
Newport 200         
Oat Cuisine 200     
Prestatyn 200       
Ruthin 200          
Scarborough 200     
See Dee 200         
St Asaph 200        
Trough 200          
Wigley 200          
Wylde Fyre 200      
Monty 300           
Plains 300          
Llanfair PG 400     
Kirtons 600         
Enter 5 Wigley Perms for the price of 4. That's £14, a saving of £3.50.

How to enter:

  1. Download the entry form, add your membership number and address details, and email or post to me (Mike Wigley)

  2. Send £14 to me, either as a PayPal payment or as a cheque payable to 'Mike Wigley' ...

  3. ... and I will then send you 5 brevet cards in the post

  4. Register your event ride date by text or email before you start

    eg Text 'eeee nnnnn dd/mm/yyyy' to 07931 911324 where:-
    • 'eeee' is the event name,
    • 'nnnnn' is your AUK membership number and
    • 'dd/mm/yyyy' is the proposed ride date

  5. Fill in control locations on the brevet card, do the ride, collect your Proofs of Passage*, complete the brevet card (including times for all controls, your name and address and signature on the back), and return to me within 14 days
  Multi Perm entry form  


  • SAEs are not necessary as the postage costs are included in the entry fee.

  • This offer is only available to Audax UK members aged over 18 years of age.

  • Only available for Perms listed on the left.

  • Proofs of Passage can be till receipts from shops, petrol stations, cafes, etc or an ATM withdrawal skip, or a '.GPX' track

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